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I just launched a new website called peerapprove.com (spoiler this blog is on the peerapprove.com so feel free to check it out on the site).  This website is designed around connecting the best small businesses with local clientele.  My idea was forged from my 13 years owning a small business and the way I tried to connect with every one of my clients.  I am trying to make it easier for small businesses to reach people in need of their services without spending obscene amounts of money in random advertisements.  At the same time, people need to know exactly what your business is all about.  That’s where The Peer Approve Community comes into play.  We are building a statistical data base from scratch, together. 

The sole purpose of my blog is to motivate (and inform) in any way possible.  I will be posting randomly about my experience as a small business owner, based on topics I come across and find interesting.  I feel I have a deep entrepreneurial spirit within me and I am always looking for new ways to motivate myself.  I will sometimes post about motivation in general.  It may not have anything to do with business, but if I find something that motivated me, I will try to pass that on to you. 

My posts will come from my heart and are of my own opinion.  It does not mean it’s right, wrong or will do for you what it does for me.  You may agree, disagree and/or think its complete nonsense and that’s all ok.   Everyone will view it a little bit differently.  When I find the flow to write, I’m just going to write passionately about each subject.  My hope is only to spark thought within you, so you can extract your own feelings about each topic.  

We are all different. We all have different goals.  We all have different opinions.  We all have different passions.  So please take everything I write with an open mind, then dissect it.  Enjoy it, absorb it and just think about it.  Then form your own opinion and if you can, apply anything you take from it into your daily process. 

Life is way too short, and tomorrow is not promised to ANYONE.  With that in mind, live each day with purpose! No matter what you are doing, just give it your best shot and try to be better than you were the day before.



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