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What is Peer Approve?

Peerapprove.com is an online review platform designed around local communities and small businesses. Our goal is to give everyone an honest rating of every business or organization in your area. We created our own unique rating system, scoring system and search engine. Together (The Peer Approve Community) we can create the best crowd-sourced reviews on the internet. You can rate a business, search for a business or search a specific keyword you are looking for. Through honesty, transparency and community, we intend to build the greatest business database on the web.


Honesty is one of the most important attributes to any business. At Peer Approve, all ratings and scores come from your peers. We organize all of our businesses by name and zip code, putting an emphasis on locality. There is no login required on Peer Approve because we are not interested in collecting your personal information. The only time you would have to login to Peer Approve is if you are claiming a business page and want access to your page to make any updates to your information. If you do not want to manage your business page, you can email us any changes and we will do it for you: info@peerapprove.com Our platform is also completely free to use. You can go to our site at any time, type in what you are looking for and have results within seconds. No strings attached!

Unique Rating System

Peer Approve has a completely different rating system than other websites. Instead of the standard 5-star review, we created our own categorized scoring system. We took (in our humble opinion) the four most important aspects to a small business: overall rating, professionalism, reliability and customer service. Each category is rated from zero to ten and then cumulatively averaged after each additional rating entry. A business rating can be broken down by overall average or each individual category, depending on what you value as the most important aspect of a business. Everyone has different preferences, so the idea is to give you detailed information about a business in a simplified format.

How the scoring system works

Every time a business receives a new rating, it is cumulatively averaged with all other score submissions. Now here is the kicker: unlike other platforms, all Peer Approve search results are displayed from highest to lowest scoring average. We DO NOT sell advertising to businesses, so it is impossible to manipulate where they appear. The only way to be on top is to be the best business, based on the search criteria. We feel this creates an honest, transparent and fair system for all businesses to compete, not just the biggest advertising budget!

How to navigate Peer Approve

Rate or search for local businesses in UNDER 60-SECONDS, for free!

When rating a business, go to our homepage and click on rate a business. Then enter the business name and zip code, rate each category and click submit a review. When entering the business name, it will auto-fill for you if already in our database. If the business you are entering is not in our system, submit your review and we will add the new business and your review within 24 hours.

When searching for a business you have three options: search for a business by name, a specific service/keyword or click on the categories tab on the top of our homepage. Ex: If you are sitting on your couch and you have a taste for pizza, but you want to try a new place, just type in pizza and your zip code (you can also search for a specific style of pizza or menu item). Within seconds your search results will appear with the highest rated pizza places from top to bottom. You can then adjust the results by distance, price or individual rating category. Our goal is to return the highest rated results as quickly as possible, based on your specific wants.

How can a business utilize Peer Approve?

Peer Approve is designed to even the playing field for small businesses. When I started my first business, I had a small budget and no idea where to advertise. Peer Approve has multiple advantages for small businesses. First, it is completely free to use, and it can double as your website (if you don’t have one yet). You can either claim your business to manage the page yourself or you can email us any information, pictures or updates (info@peerapprove.com) and we will manage it for you (again, free of charge)! Secondly, on your Peer Approve business page, you can add all your business info, pictures and specific services/keywords. Services and keywords will act as a menu/list on your page. But more importantly when a potential client is searching for something specifically, if their keyword is listed on your page, your business will be tagged in their search results. Advertising is very expensive and can be confusing. I never knew where or how to advertise, so I often felt I was playing the lottery. Since Peer Approve is free, you can simply focus on being the best business and encourage clients to leave reviews on Peer Approve. If you are the best, a bigger business CANNOT outbid you to the top of the page!

The Peer Approve Community

The Peer Approve Community is everyone who uses peerapprove.com. Any individual at any time can access our website for free and receive honest search results quickly. New and small businesses can establish themselves on the web, without breaking the bank, simply by being a great business. Consumers and businesses alike, can come together to help each other find what they are looking for. Together we can all create a free, easy to use and transparent local crowd-sourced network. Join The Peer Approve Community today!

-Fast. Free. Peer Approved!


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